Wednesday, 26 August 2015


What better way to introduce you to the two girls in my life than today, yep that's right, the 26th August 2015 is National Dog Day.  The holiday was first celebrated annually in 2004 so I must admit I'm completely ashamed that this went over my head, especially as I'm a huge dog lover.
The premise of National Dog Day is exactly as it sounds, a celebration of our wet nose friends, in honour of all they do for us; from being our companions, to helping to save lives.  It also serves as a reminder of how many dogs are put down each year due to over-breeding and neglect, it is a real eye opener as to how many dogs need rehoming and rescuing.

I have been a dog owner for 5 years and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Getting a Chihuahua wasn't something I ever dreamed I'd do, and even now my family laugh about it, because I grew up working on farms and owning horses we always envisioned that I'd have something, well, bigger.  I will be the first to admit that a Chihuahua would never have been my first choice.  A year after getting my first dog, Phoebe, I drove all the way to Wales to get Luna,  Fast forward 3 years and I wouldn't be without a Chihuahua in my life, so much so that I have to restrain myself every time I hear of one that needs rehoming, unfortunately the breed novelty has worn off meaning they aren't the "in dog" any more, as a result it isn't uncommon to find them dumped.

Let me tell you a little more about my girls..

Phoebe is a long coat cream Chihuahua and she's 5 years old.  Phoebe is the definition of a lap dog, she likes nothing more than to curl up on you and fall asleep in several different positions, she loves finishing off my cups of tea, and sometimes snores like a Pug.  Goes by: Phoebe, Bebe, Pheebs, Beebs, Boobs.

Luna is a long coat red sable Chihuahua and she's 3 years old.  Luna is menace is every sense of the word, she is the kind of dog who will never grow up or act her act, if she was a child we think she'd have an ASBO.  She spends most of her time harassing pigeons and getting herself stuck under the sofa.  Goes by: Luna, Doodles, Doodlebop, Nuni, Nuna, Una, Little Shit.

If you own a dog, or you're simply a dog lover, you can find out ways to celebrate by checking this link!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Word Vomit #1

001. I'm buying a Fiat 500!  Due to work commitments it's about time I owned a reliable, safe, modern car.  My first car was a 1982 Mini Mayfair and I loved it with my whole heart, but I must admit I'm excited about getting a car that has a CD player and doesn't need rust proofing every 2 months.  I've found a car that I really like but it doesn't scream "the one" so I'm being patient and waiting.  No doubt you'll be the first to know when I find her.

002. On the 2nd of October I am going for a little weekend break to Devon to stay with my boyfriend's parents and I couldn't be more excited.  I haven't had a proper vacation this year so I value the little trips more than most, Devon always feels so comforting to me, although it's 192 miles from Oxford I always feel like someone is welcoming me home.

003.  Am I the only one looking forward to winter?  I feel like a massive bore but I love that it's getting dark at 8pm.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy summer but there's just something about wrapping up in lots of layers and seeing your breath in the morning air that makes me feel comfortable and content, I love the way a hot bath feels when your body is cold to the bone, especially when combined with a cup of tea.  Cold weather also marks the start of a countdown to my favourite holidays; Halloween and Christmas.  Roll on horror movies and decorating the Christmas tree, although perhaps not at the same time, 

004.  Mr Lonsdale, if you are reading this, I miss you very much 

Sunday, 23 August 2015


I've typed and deleted sentences over again, had cups of tea, played with the Chihuahuas, listened to awful (brilliant) music, and still I'm at a complete loss.  The perfectionist in me wants to write something immaculate but the realist in me wants to type with no plans or structure.  The realist wins this time.

This past week has been exhausting; Mr Lonsdale and I have driven over 800 miles, carried heavy boxes up and down stairs, in and out of vans, eaten what could only be described as "sporadically", and spent more hours on the motorway than we have sleeping.  However it has been one of the best weeks of my life.

The past 7 days have marked the end of distance, the end of missing someone until it aches, the end of constant travelling and late nights just to make things work.  I cannot describe the feeling of knowing that, apart from the odd few work trips, we never have to be apart again.

For the first time it feels like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
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